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With Pinterest, you get to share the things you like. With Piformula, you get to make money with the things you share! You get paid on the next 1.1 Million people who follow you.

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“Go to Pinterest to share the things your like.

Come to Piformula to make money on the things you share!”

Piformula is a marketplace to showcase|promote|share your products and services while you earn multiple streams of residual income.

Who Is Piformula?

Marketers all around the world use Piformula to promote their products and services through a simple and convenient board and pinning process. It’s also a place they can build multiple streams of income.

  • Enjoy far reaching influence just by using Piformula boards. Share and connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus for a viral marketing effect.

  • Piformula for Engagement. Piformula is your tool for Engagement. Viral marketing. Brand loyalty. Targeted traffic. Instant traffic. Higher conversions.

  • Piformula is your Marketing Bedrock. You promote your products and services by interacting with others; connect with top influencers, and generate targeted traffic. You can inspire. Recruit. And build your brand of one.

  • Piformula Can Build You Multiple Streams of Income. Wellness. Health. Beauty. It’s an emerging multi-billion dollar industry. And Piformula helps you take full advantage of it. You can promote life-changing wellness products, risk-free, with what you’re already doing or you can promote them exclusively. Either way, you get to do it virally, creating both immediate cash and long-term residuals income

  • Piformula Marketing is Different from Traditional Direct Marketing. 1) It’s Free. 2) It’s Straight-Forward. 3) It’s Simple-to-do. You get paid on multiple streams of income. You buy only the products you need without monthly quota requirements. And best of all…You simply stay-at-home and promote products and services right from your computer.

The Compensation Plan

Piformula’s Compensation Plan is Designed for You to Win It’s simple, yet powerful. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a complete beginner…it will work for you. There are 3 seamless ways to make money that works like magic.

Piformula’s Compensation Plan: 3 Ways to Get Paid

Fast Track Bonus (Paid Monthly).

Each time you refer someone who joins Piformula and complete the following 3 steps, you will earn a fast track bonus. 1) They sign-up for our free affiliate membership site 2) They purchase wellness, health, or beauty products totaling a minimum of $100 in retail sales 3) They report their affiliate ID# and purchase order# via our automated tracking system You will receive a Fast Track Bonus of $20 on their initial product order. They will automatically get placed into your downline organization where you can earn Unilevel Bonuses.

Cash Back Rebates (Paid Monthly)

You will earn cash back rebates that equals 12-24% of Piformula’s profit volume on all your monthly product purchases. You simply report each of your transactions using our automating tracking system to receive credit.

Unilevel Bonus (Paid Monthly)

Piformula’s Unilevel Plan is the heart of your lifetime residual income! You can get paid on the next 1.1 Million affiliates who follow you. Simply build an affiliate base and receive bonuses each month from product orders or re-orders generated in your organization down to 5 levels of income streams. Just like your Fast Track Bonuses, you can earn Unilevel Bonuses ranging from 40-75% of company profits when you encourage your visitors to participate in our wealth building process. After all, the system is free!  

Affiliates PQV

Level 1 6-12% Piformula’s Profit Volume 100 affiliates $100
Level 2 6-12% Piformula’s Profit Volume 1,000 affiliates $100
Level 3 6-12% Piformula’s Profit Volume 10,000 affiliates $100
Level 4 10-20% Piformula’s Profit Volume 100,000 affiliates $200
Level 5 10-20% Piformula’s Profit Volume 1,000,000 affiliates $400

You must purchase a minimum of $100 worth of retail products to be eligible to earn Unilevel Bonus. Dynamic Compression maximizes the benefits of the Unilevel Bonus. PQV means personal consumption volume required to get paid at that level.

Compensation Plan Terminology

To help you understand the Piformula Compensation Plan, we have provided some brief definitions of terms used in the plan:

Affiliate – Independent business owners who participate in the Piformula Income Opportunity and develop a marketing organization to market the products.

Dynamic Compression – Piformula pays the maximum to every affiliate. Compression always pays out to the next qualified affiliate until all the percentages are paid with no breakage to your organization.

Unilevel Tree – The people you enroll. The people they enroll, etc. (regardless of where they are placed).

Forced Matrix – The chronology of where people are placed in the Unilevel tree, with one person following another.

Commissionable Volume (CV) A value assigned to an item and used to track business activity, qualifications and to calculate commissions.

Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) – The volume from your personal consumptions orders.

Sponsor – The person who introduced you to Piformula 

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